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ArmMetsatar Armenian font

Important! Please, note that if Armenian letters are not represented on preview picture, you won't be able to use this font in your system as an ordinary font. You can use such fonts only if you know how to get characters from font file and you can't use this fonts for typing and using in your system. Or you always can get one of the Armenian unicode fonts.

You can download and use this Armenian font for all modern version of Windows OS, Linux or Mac OS. more...

This is preview of ArmMetsatar Bold Armenian font with Armenian letters, english letters and numbers. ArmMetsatar font family is a group of proportional sans serif fonts. Here are represented next font variants: ArmMetsatar Bold Normal TrueType.

Font popularity:

Fonts in group: 1.
Views: 779.

ArmMetsatar Bold.ttf

Free Armenian font ArmMetsatar Bold sample
Font weight: Bold
Font style: Normal
Font format: TrueType
Original full name: ArmMetsatar Bold
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